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Now reading Blindsight, by Peter Watts.


Fucking awesome.

That is all.
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Ok. Today was a marked improvement over yesterday... I have almost something like a passable grip on the work I'm behind on (that I have to turn in tomorrow). I'll be able to pull it out; I always do. Last Thursday - the day off I planned to do most of this assignment on and the last one I had prior to leaving this Friday for Iowa - was a shitty day too, and I... didn't get any of it done. Well, no, I did a couple of calls but not nearly enough. Today was more productive even if I was fitting it into the cracks. Desperately. The emotional state of the last several days, though, has been one where I feel like I'm barely holding on, even if I'm not wholly sure why. It's just been one of those down swings... I've gone from failing to have hope in the future to just doing my best not to think of it at all until its over and I can be a little more positive. If I were making any plans, of course, this would grind things to a total halt. Maybe, on the other hand, if I were making any plans I wouldn't feel this way.

I pickled my stomach with caffeine today and was still falling asleep on my feet by about four. I guess that's what I get. On the other hand, I finished We Have Always Lived in the Castle; marvelous. Having taken some time away from reading heavily due to being so horrifically scatterbrained I couldn't keep a thought in my head for too high a number of months, I'd almost forgotten how distracting the insatiable desire to read is when I have so much god damn other stuff to do. The Iowa portion of my mid-west trip is probably going to be very quiet, big-scheme; I'll have to take a couple of books (along with, of course, the work of friends to read: [ profile] mermaidrain's short stories, the novel of [ profile] lizard115 which I'm halfway through and loving, and the novel of [ profile] alaskanmermaid which I'm extremely excited about) and actually sit down with them.
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Well, I'm excited!

During the winter of '07 I had a short story published in an anthology put out by a small start-up publishing company called Meadowhawk Press. The couple that started the company did so as inspired by a desire to publish her novel, which ended up getting picked up in the eleventh hour by an agent but they went forward with MHP all the same. I talked to her a fair bit when she was getting things started and was fascinated; this is a long time dream of mine, to start a publication firm at some point in my future. I adore Jackie Gamber and I think her endeavors are fabulous.

At any rate, I just received news that one of the novels Meadowhawk publishes was just selected for the Philip K Dick award. This is extremely awesome to me.


Book time.

Apr. 17th, 2009 08:01 am
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I am not promising to take any of the following recommendations. But I might!

Right now, I'm reading and nearly through with Shirley Jackson's short novel, We Have Always Lived in the Castle. It's excellent. I think I'd like to read science fiction next... and can't really shake out of my head any major recommendations for science fiction that I've had lately. As a general rule, I tend to prefer books that tuck off into the odd corners of genres, and I'm not apt to enjoy your basic throw-away, pew-pew space opera adventure story. I like magical realism, post apocalypse, distopias...I like Burgess and Borges and Gregory Maguire and Ambrose Bierce.

Any ideas, oh internot hive-mind?


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