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So, a while back in the saga of trying to get my desktop computer to work, I ended up reinstalling the operating system. Not a fully pleasant process but it had to be done. That fixed the issues I was having, but on top of the brand new motherboard, it didn't like the installation of windows in terms of the interaction with the product key which it felt had been used and abused. Whatever, most people I know have been able to call and get that taken care of. I just put it off for almost the entire month of grace period it comes with. Today, mom sent me home with her OTHER copy of XP Pro to see if that product key worked. I figured I could give it a try before I spent time on the phone with them tomorrow... so I selected the 'activate' option it's been flashing me with every time I start the machine for the last month.

And it just activates, requesting nothing and making no complaints, product key or otherwise.


Dec. 29th, 2008 05:45 pm
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Busy weekend. The rehearsal and subsequent beautiful wedding of [ profile] alaskanmermaid to her true love. Very fabulous. I sang in front of people and didn't melt or pop or anything... I realized today that all of the formal training I've invested in my voice has really been invested directly into my voice. Which is fabulous, I wouldn't take back a minute of it. Particularly the year with Ariella, I made a lot of improvements as a singer and I'm not losing them as fast as I thought I would now that I'm a musical orphan without an instructor again. But I haven't been training as a performer at all and, subsequently, while I'm slowly inching closer to being something more like the singer I want to be, I'm not the performer I want to be. Depending on where I end up, I will definitely be eying that as a specific goal next time I decide to take up vocal instruction.

I'm right now killing a little time before I go rehears with MJ; we got our date and time for the folk festival. January eighteenth, I'm not sure when but she'll give me the paperwork tonight. In theory, I'm supposed to learn to play passable guitar by this point. I can do it. Right? I can >.>...

Chant of the Sibyl still comes along slowly. I'm 81k words in - getting beyond novella at this point - and still hovering closer to the end of the story. Then there's a bunch of stuff I need to add; details, and full passages from Jadany's perspective, about her visions and assorted other things. Oh, and, the war... of course. I should probably address the war. Damn having all this stuff in my head. I have the tiny start of a short story called The Ta'raj Road sitting in my document folder, too... I'm waiting for the names of the characters to brew up and come to me.

Also, my computer is officially, finally repaired. This heralds a variety of things... my return to WoW among them, as well as more dabbling in digital art and possibly learning a little bit of programming (Ruby, Lisp?)

ALSO, Halflit. Earlier this year I started a community for creative writers at When things got so crazy this summer, I sortof abandoned it because I simply didn't have the time to nurse it into what it needed to be, but I'm back at it now. Consider this the soft announcement of it being reopened - that is, expect a more specific formal one later. But the point is I'm back at Halflit, and if anyone is interested in joining, putting up a webspace, and participating in the community let me know and we'll talk about getting you set up. I intend for members to be able to have a site to use as an online portfolio or 'in-progress' drawing table or whatever, a community for workshopping and friends, forums to play upon, and access to whatever other tools and fun things I can come up with as this thing grows. I also intend for it to be full of people who are at least a little serious about what they're doing, so that in the future the domain as a whole can start establishing affiliations with small publishers, editors, or whatever. Networking. You know.

So, yes... if anyone is interested... let me know.

That's all for now, lovelies. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are relaxing your way into the new year. 2008 sucks. 2009 is going to kick its ass.
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So last night before I crashed I cobbled together, to the best of my understanding from several different files written during November last year, and November this year, all of the Chant of the Sibyl text. Now, this year I was writing on two stories - Chant, and its sequel True Life, so about 10k of my 50 is True Life. Of the Chant text, some of it is from where I left off last year, and some of it is from the big hole in the middle of what I wrote last year (which I filled in some, but not all of). So far, the thing I unsteadily hazard to call the manuscript for the cohesive novel, is 117 pages in Word (well, OOWriter) and 75k words long. I'm closing on the end of it, and I know generally -how- it ends, but I need to actually get it written, the fine details ironed out, and that hazy chunk in the middle that regards the war taken care of.

Then, the rest of my life editing. I've never written anything even close to this long before. The longest completed story is what... 15 pages or so? The longest chunk of a novel-length piece is like... 27. Chant is very careless in execution so far, but I really like it... I didn't expect to come out of NaNoWriMo with something that I would feel like I could actually sit down and turn into something meaningful, but I honestly do believe this has potential and I intend to pursue it.

Also, next week I'm ordering parts for my computer. On Monday. I know specifically what I'm ordering and how much it will cost, and it will be on its way to me soon. Who wants to play WoW? I'm committed to transferring my main two characters (or at least one) to Dawnbringer off of Lightbringer; we play Horde. I also play sometimes (Horde) on Black Dragonflight, but it's low level.


Sep. 16th, 2008 06:31 pm
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Various things. In lieu thereof, this:

Honeys wanna chat, but all we wanna know is where the party at; and can I bring my gat?


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