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Halflit's January challenge will be starting in a few days. It is a collaborative project between two partners; sign up here: if you're interested in participating!
crows: (Default)'s October Writing Challenge begins TODAY. This month, it is taking place in the public Rookery forum. The information post for the challenge is here:

Everyone is invited to join.

If you are not interested in a writing challenge or do not have time this month, please drop in anyway. We will be hosting challenges as an ongoing thing and I would love to hear new ideas of different things we can do to stretch people out into avenues they haven't explored.

See you!
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We'll be having a fun little writing challenge at the Halflit Rookery forum starting Thursday, October 1st.

We're still hashing out exactly how many prompts there will be and WHAT those prompts will be.

Everyone is invited to participate. For the contest rules, news on how to participate, and/or to have your say (input is encouraged) about the potential topics/prompts, check out

Hope to see you!
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Back to brainstorming for the website. is not my personal website (my personal website is there:, but it is intended to be a community. I'd originally intended it for writers (it's what I know) but I'm wondering if the greater good might be served by viewing it more as a 'creative' community. My 'artist' friends sometimes have the best advice for my writer self, and exploring different creative media never fails to get me out of some of my ruts, at least for a little while.

I'm just not sure what to do with it. I want to be able to offer people in a small community different things than are filled by the niches that our pervasive social networking fills on the internet (MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, blog sites ad nauseum). I don't have anything like the technology available to me to recreate something massive like that, nor do I want to. However, I want to establish a place that people want to spend time at, contribute to, and benefit from.

So here's to all my creative friends (which is all of you really, you're my type <3) whether you're a musician, visual artist, writer, or whatever you do:

What would you want to see in a specialized online community?

What, if anything, does your social network(s) of choice not provide to you in terms of resources, connection, workshop/feedback/critique, inspiration, or whatever?

What would interest you enough to establish membership on an online community?

What would you like to contribute to a group, if a group of open- and (generally) like-minded people existed in a dynamic community?
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Is anyone out there a WordPress wizard, or able to at least point me to a good and fairly concise resource for learning more about the system? My knowledge of handling all this website business is somewhat minimal, but I'm not starting cold.

Secondly, I'm back to the drawing board a little bit about the writing community, Halflit, that I've sort of started. It's not gathering particular momentum, my thinking is because social networking like MySpace and Facebook and whatever else serve general needs more powerfully than I can hope to (or would want to). I still, however, have some ideas that I'd like to explore for making Halflit a resource for people selling their creative work. At this point, it's probably going to be a much broader scope than writing - I think there are a lot of ways in which all of us crafters, artists, musicians, writers etc. are in the same boat. What would happen if we were all helping each other out? I am, among other things, very and generally interested in multi-media collaboration opportunities.

Ok, off I go. My poor brain needs some coffee and carbs to get me shaken into enough energy for my workday. It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to fewer days staying so late at the store.
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Last day to post challenges you swarthy dogs! DO IT!
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I reactivated my Facebook account so that Halflit could have a group there. So, anyone who makes use of that site, our group is here. It's at least for news and hanging out. Anyone is free to join and I'll see if I can come up with a fun game or two to do on it, as well.

Hello, trendy internet social networking. -.-
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I'm slowly being able to resolve progressively more issues with WordPress (which I adore, by the way, I'm just totally fail at things like knowing the ins and outs of CSS and PHP).

There are people posting in my writing game and challenge prompts up in the members area of Halflit.

I'm a pretty happy camper.

Maybe soon I'll be ready to do the google.


Jan. 15th, 2009 07:34 pm
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I've just finished putting together the beginning of a project on the writing domain, Halflit. It's an open ended collaborative story-writing endeavor called Carousel, and anyone who's interested in participating can wander over there and register whenever.

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Jan. 15th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I've just finished putting together the beginning of a project on the writing domain, Halflit. It's an open ended collaborative story-writing endeavor called Carousel, and anyone who's interested in participating can wander over there and register whenever.

[x posted to a variety of places]
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I'm moving my writing blog, at least for the most part, to here:

Also, the Halflit ( domain is becoming active again. There are challenges in the members area and I will be launching an open project in the next few days (just as soon as I can find my TABLET PEN where the hell did it go arg...). If you're interested in looking into it and joining up, just shoot me an email - crows /at/

Loves <3


Dec. 29th, 2008 05:45 pm
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Busy weekend. The rehearsal and subsequent beautiful wedding of [ profile] alaskanmermaid to her true love. Very fabulous. I sang in front of people and didn't melt or pop or anything... I realized today that all of the formal training I've invested in my voice has really been invested directly into my voice. Which is fabulous, I wouldn't take back a minute of it. Particularly the year with Ariella, I made a lot of improvements as a singer and I'm not losing them as fast as I thought I would now that I'm a musical orphan without an instructor again. But I haven't been training as a performer at all and, subsequently, while I'm slowly inching closer to being something more like the singer I want to be, I'm not the performer I want to be. Depending on where I end up, I will definitely be eying that as a specific goal next time I decide to take up vocal instruction.

I'm right now killing a little time before I go rehears with MJ; we got our date and time for the folk festival. January eighteenth, I'm not sure when but she'll give me the paperwork tonight. In theory, I'm supposed to learn to play passable guitar by this point. I can do it. Right? I can >.>...

Chant of the Sibyl still comes along slowly. I'm 81k words in - getting beyond novella at this point - and still hovering closer to the end of the story. Then there's a bunch of stuff I need to add; details, and full passages from Jadany's perspective, about her visions and assorted other things. Oh, and, the war... of course. I should probably address the war. Damn having all this stuff in my head. I have the tiny start of a short story called The Ta'raj Road sitting in my document folder, too... I'm waiting for the names of the characters to brew up and come to me.

Also, my computer is officially, finally repaired. This heralds a variety of things... my return to WoW among them, as well as more dabbling in digital art and possibly learning a little bit of programming (Ruby, Lisp?)

ALSO, Halflit. Earlier this year I started a community for creative writers at When things got so crazy this summer, I sortof abandoned it because I simply didn't have the time to nurse it into what it needed to be, but I'm back at it now. Consider this the soft announcement of it being reopened - that is, expect a more specific formal one later. But the point is I'm back at Halflit, and if anyone is interested in joining, putting up a webspace, and participating in the community let me know and we'll talk about getting you set up. I intend for members to be able to have a site to use as an online portfolio or 'in-progress' drawing table or whatever, a community for workshopping and friends, forums to play upon, and access to whatever other tools and fun things I can come up with as this thing grows. I also intend for it to be full of people who are at least a little serious about what they're doing, so that in the future the domain as a whole can start establishing affiliations with small publishers, editors, or whatever. Networking. You know.

So, yes... if anyone is interested... let me know.

That's all for now, lovelies. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are relaxing your way into the new year. 2008 sucks. 2009 is going to kick its ass.


Jun. 15th, 2008 12:30 pm
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Calling all writers! IDES! Who says NaNoWriMo-like endeavors need to be restricted to November? A friend and I decided that... we needed to do one... now! And since misery loves company more's the merrier, I set up a forum, and am doing my best to spread the word and invite whoever is interested to come play with us. If you've ever done or thought about NaNo, it's pretty straightforward. Even if you haven't, it's still pretty straightforward. Write 50,000 words in 30 days, come hell or high water. I'm starting today. Since this didn't come up with a lot of notice, if you sign up later in the week, you have thirty days from that date. We're flexible :) There's more information on the site; let me know if you have questions, and otherwise, feel free to sign up and hang out :)
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I've started a community for writers. It will include not only a community for fun, workshop, and support, but also hosting for people who are interested. I'm UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED.

Check it out, let me know if you're interested.
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Halflit is up and general ready for public consumption. I'm so excited about it I can barely contain myself; it's been an immense learning process concerning HTML and CSS and WordPress and all that business and I think it's gone pretty well considering how long it's been since I handled any of that business.

There are a small handful of us at the domain's inauguration, but, obviously, I'm interested in the community growing far beyond what it's at now. There's going to be more on the main site, as well as things going on in the member's-only area. After reading about us, if you find you're interested, by all means let me know.


Long week.

Apr. 25th, 2008 09:51 pm
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There were lows, there have also been highs. I'm writing a little; mostly poetry, mostly that I'm mostly malcontent with. I still can't really remember my dreams well... it feels artificial, as though I'm shut off from them. It's a hollow sensation in the process of my thoughts, where I can feel myself forgetting the imagery soon after waking. I don't like it.

I've started a community for writers, away from LiveJournal. It's partially-live, but I need to put up some more information on the front end of the site before I go promoting it very actively. Membership for people whose work I don't know well will, at least eventually if not immediately, be on the basis of submissions that the existing membership will look at. If you're interested in potentially participating, get in touch with me. It will be open to all varieties of original work, with a focus on community, development, critique, and opportunities for publication. I'm extremely proud of the way it is coming out so far.

Also, I've never met a wine that could even begin to approach the complexity of flavors that good scotch carries. I suppose it's just a matter of my palate being better tuned to this than that... but damn. Perhaps, also, it's particular to how infrequently I drink on a general basis... preserves the magic of it. The exoticness.

I've made myself useful enough at the clinic that I was temping at for data entry that they're going to keep me on as a receptionist. I'll get a few more hours each week, and a firm schedule from now into the summer. I'm very pleased. It's a little boost to the ego that I've been able to demonstrate, cold, without instruction, superior organizational skills, motivation, and creative problem-solving, which always just sortof sound like inflated buzzwords on a resume. But, frankly, that's precisely what I've done here... entirely of my own accord, and not initially under the direct scrutiny of my superiors. I got -noticed-. It feels good.


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