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This Valentines Day
I want to set on fire
All you once sent me

<3 Everyone.
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Though not a happy new year's eave; it should be celebratory, but it isn't. I'm not feeling well and, to boot, it's just... not a good night. I hope the ache in my bones, and in my stomach, is the last of the poison and stupidity of this entire year getting ready to blast out of my system.

The Corolle company (they make baby dolls, for anyone who isn't familiar) sent us a bottle of good French champagne. Mother and I are enjoying glasses each. Good champagne is... just that, it turns out. I've not had much of 'the bubbly' in my life and never found it totally offensive, but never had much of a taste for it, either. I'm not a big fan of things that are carbonated in general... so if it ends up tasting like carbonated white wine, you can count me out. This, however... this honestly does have a flavor all its own. It's very nice.

I reiterate. 2009 is going to be devastatingly win.

Also, all I want for... New Year... is... well, you know ;)
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Thanks to [ profile] iconseeyou for the icon.

Thanks to [ profile] alaskanmermaid to finding it for me and being a bad influence in all sorts of other oh-so-good ways.

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We're getting my dad an Eee PC of some variety for christmas. Mom had to get one after I got mine a year ago (I want a new one, the new ones are so much better than the first-generation one I got... but... it still performs about like it did when I first got it, so I really have no excuse. Damn you, reliable computing machine! I'm having the same issue with my 30gig iPod.)

I sortof wish my brother didn't compulsively hate all things so that we could be a whole trendy family of Eees. But he'd hate it.

In other news: my schedule is totally insane. I will be performing for the first time in many years late in December ([ profile] alaskanmermaid's wedding <3<3<3<3<3<3) and then AGAIN in January at the folk festival (probably). That's a little terrifying but I think my voice is in good shape for not being under the care of an instructor at the moment.

Lastly, to everyone out there... I know it's difficult to totally confine your holiday shopping to the mom and pop's in your area... I'm not. The Eee at least will be coming from online or a national chain; but where possible, shop local. It's the best thing for the economy on a large scale and for your community on a smaller one. And damnit, you'll probably meet nicer people, too!
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Work: I remain employed. Angela said it was just fine if I didn't want to be a manager next year and she'd still like to keep me on as a salesperson so... I don't have to feel like I'm tethered after next January, etc.

Etc: Culver City Whole foods, where a man with bold black tattoos on his muscely arms, about my boyfriend's age, gave us advice on fine salame and cheese pairings. Talked about HIS girlfriend, whose family is from Italy, and they visit them.

Holiday: Have a happy one, all of you!


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