Sep. 18th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Well. Apparently, it took me two days to recover from my all-nighter to get back down to Iowa. I expected to be dead on my feet all of Tuesday (having arrived that morning), but I didn't really anticipate Wednesday and Thursday being useless days as well. I did watch all of Harper's Island, though. Surely in some universe that was a productive use of my time.

I did manage to wake up at a decent hour (7:30, much better than 10:45), wash my dishes, make myself a good breakfast, and get away for my errands without feeling hassled. I've picked up a stack of job applications from bookstores, cafes, and other shops within walking distance of my house; on wandering into the Blick down the way (also to apply) I bought a very nice looking wood bookcase on clearance for $30 and even managed to get it up to my apartment by myself (it's not awfully heavy, but it's a very awkward box).

I also named the two members of Team Destructokitten. The little one (grey and white striped) is Jay (short for Bluejay, not of & Silent Bob), and the larger solid grey one is Rook. Rook is in my lap right now. Well, now he's on the desk. But he was in my lap when I typed that he was. They're both lovely. A little thin; I think I might need to deworm them despite not seeing any other evidence of roundworm other than that they're not putting on as much weight as I would have expected. It's also been a long time since I've had a kitten (having adopted my previous cats as adults).

Venus is here, she's crabby about her new friends still but I think it's mostly the flight getting to her. Today and yesterday nobody's really hissed at eachother, though they're not quite interacting yet. The kittens - particularly Jay - really want her to play with them, but she's still acting a little snobbish. Between the three of them, my apartment feels really un-lonely. Also, nothing stays on a surface unless it's anchored down.

I'm still brainstorming for new things to do with Halflit. I started compiling suggestions here: and then, because that was sortof a dumb idea as an ongoing thing, finally set up a forum for discussion here:

Everyone is invited, writers and otherwise. Feel free to register and say hello; I'll be making an actual layout for the board in the next few days as well as adding new forums. That messageboard will remain permanent, and theoretically connect to a set of pages devoted to writing and artisting resources.
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I'm back in Iowa from Alaska, the cat-introductions are going un-traumatically. She was very good during the flights, which were uneventful. The kittens are curious about her; she's cranky but they're not intimidated. Perfect :) I think they should be fast friends within a few weeks. She's needed companionship ever since I lost Cyrano. I still haven't named them.

Beyond that, I'm exhausted and my brain is totally fried. I'm searching through my piles of mail to identify bills but I'm going to handle them tomorrow. Today is mine; I'll nap if I can, go to supper tonight with the fam. There are two trees loaded with apples at my grandparents' place, ready for picking. I've never picked apples before (or any other fruit for that matter). I'm very excited.

Now, World of Warcraft to the cicada and bird sounds drifting in my 10 open windows. My apartment is a mess, but I still love it. <3 I've missed home, but I miss home as well.
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After sending the manuscript to a young man last night, I was compelled to crack my novel again and start working. I actually got some stuff done today; seems the couple of months time sitting on it allowed me to get far enough away from feeling overwhelmed by what's missing from the whole story that I could address the first chapter by itself. It needs more revision, but the things that I needed to add to flesh it out I think are in; I think I like where the narrative string is at, for the first thirty some pages. I believe I am adding an entire chapter in after that, that doesn't presently exist, but that's ok, too. I'm still trying to get a figure on a ballpark average length for a science fiction novel (in word count). Mostly out of curiosity.

In other news, my kittens are very feisty. They wrestle and fight and maul one another most of the time, when they're not trying to climb things. The also appear to view my feet as one (two?) of their own. I think the solid grey one is going to get pretty big. I still haven't named them.


Jul. 14th, 2009 05:39 pm
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To a handful of people who have added me recently and I've added back (those I know and those I don't), hello and hello. If we're not acquainted, feel free to leave me a message introducing yourself if you feel :D (for those I am acquainted with, um... you can too if you feel left out!).

Just got back from a very short-notice and not particularly planned two-day foray into Chicago. Delightful time with a few friends including an extremely relaxing evening with tea, talk, and knitting. I need more things like this! The whole crowd of people I've encountered in that city seems very warm. I enjoy that doubly, being away from my own nest of loved ones (you are all so, so missed).

There have been some small hangups getting settled. Nothing of its own merits worth mentioning, just the sort of things you expect. Everything takes a little longer and costs a little more than you expected, no matter how you plan. C'est la... this too shall pass (and it isn't too bad to begin with).

I adopted two kittens from a farm out of town. They are supremely adorable.

I'm stirring up an entire collection of short stories that primarily address events prior to the time that a piece I've worked through four drafts in the last year and a half and intend to submit for publication after a little more work this year (Unbroken Thread). One is complete (draft one) and I have a handful of beginnings and concepts. Secondly, the collection of fables is webbing together into an interesting pantheon that encompasses the unfinished story of Carusa and her daughter, which I've begun but isn't gelling, and The Sea Knife which is complete at draft one from a year-odd ago.

Oh, and there's Chant. All ninety four thousand words of it. Sitting. Staring. o.o If anyone is bored and likes picking through messy draft fiction, I always appreciate anyone willing to have a glance over things I'm working on. So let me know if anything looks remotely interesting.

I think that's about it. I'm exhausted but the rest of me feels extremely awake. Coming fully back into balance with the more metaphysical aspects of my life has been an interesting process; I have impulses to overextend and I think it's contributing to some of the instability I've been feeling.
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This is how it always happens. You come close to me, and for a while, we're happy together. Content, still, at peace with each-other and the world. But then, somehow, everything changes... you need my attention, you get in my face, you won't let me work on anything for a second. I try to be gentle at first, but you never take the hint. I don't want to, but I have to push you away, over and over. You can't just let things be, can you? You always have to go and ruin everything for us.

Don't you understand that I can't deal with your wet nose and whiskers in my face when I'm trying to use my computer?? There are other places to cuddle me other than by sitting on my chest!


(this one is to my cat)


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