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Recently, there was a Slut Walk in Iowa City, arranged as a demonstration against sexual violence. The following letter was printed in our local paper, The Daily Iowan, which can be found here on their website, though I've taken the liberty of pasting the text below.

0504 Letter to the Editor )

Here is my response (which I naturally don't know will be printed, but am putting here anyway).

Concerning Ms. Nyberg's letter: )

This is so wrong, and so pervasive. Our grandmothers did a lot of great things, but we are so not done.
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I am posting this again, from here because it is every bit as true and relevant as it was three and a half years ago, and I imagine it will continue to be.

To any future love I may have:

The world is full of things. Of many possible lives, of many impossible. We have come to crossroads, you and I, and come to them together. We may have many more, and I want to ask one small thing of you.

When we find those little lifts, in life, together: those things that work out better than we imagined, or the small unexpected pleasures, kiss me. Tally our blessings on your heart, and remember them when they are far away. Kiss me when we meet a pleasant surprise.

I am not perfect, and neither are you. This will not last forever. I will not always be with you.

If it happens that one day we wake and find ourselves at the edge of the world, where everything stops, and we have made it... take it as a pleasant surprise, tally a blessing, and kiss me.


Only, it isn't just for the future. It's true this very beating minute, and it's for you, for you, because I love you, because you mean so much. I have a lot more to give than I did in 2008, and I hope that I can give every one of you even a single small thing to look back on and smile, and feel warm.
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Anyone who said they'd write to me, email me your address to and I will reply with mine.

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Watched the first half of Sense and Sensibility with the girls last night. Alan Rickman is like the spoonful of sugar that makes the Jane Austen go down.

Or, perhaps the spoonful of quinine. I don't think miss Jane needs so much more sugar.

Nah, I kid. It was a lovely film all in all (even the parts that didn't have Alan in it!) and I look forward to seeing the second half, but I was tired and I needed to get up to the hospital to pay another visit to the baby-mama. There's no baby yet... the holding pattern of yesterday was, they were keeping her until they could get a delivery room, and then they were going to start the process of inducing labor. Nobody called over night so I assume nothing has changed.

I'm also working hard on reminding myself to "not try so hard until such a time that other parties involved start putting in effort as well".

That's all, except for this:

Dear Colonel Brandon.
Marianne is not good enough for you. I am quite sure, however, that we can come to a more than suitable agreement. Keep your boots on.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:45 pm
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I wish I'd have posted something joyful and cherrious about Obama being elected. I'm... I really am very very happy.

Unfortunately, the state I live in looks like it's going to elect a felon convicted of political crimes to senate, and the state I was living in just re-banned gay marriage. Kinda harshes my buzz, man.

Dear America,


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Dear World Medical Community,

Can one of y'all develop a test for variant Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, please? I'm not so worried about being a mad cow myself, one way or another, but it makes me very sad that I cannot donate blood, as I have the rare and unique trait of not being very stressed out by needles, and would thusly donate regularly, were I allowed.

While I am sympathetic to the need to keep other people from becoming mad cows by guarding the blood supply against variant Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, the fact that I cannot contribute socially in this matter makes me have sadface ---> :(.

Keep me posted as to the timeline of this project.

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Dear Activists,

Just as you may or may not agree with my personal politics if we ever meet in the great wide world of clashing opinions and different moralities, I may or may not agree with the cause you are championing.  Regardless, however, of whether or not I support what you're trying to do... demonstrate some eloquence.  Making yourself appear under-educated and only poorly capable of communication isn't going to help your cause, whatever it is. 

Yes, this goes for you, skinny 20-year-old boy chalking pro-life messages with your teenage friends all over the third street promenade.  Whatever abortion is, I guarantee you it is not 'MURDUR'.

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This is how it always happens. You come close to me, and for a while, we're happy together. Content, still, at peace with each-other and the world. But then, somehow, everything changes... you need my attention, you get in my face, you won't let me work on anything for a second. I try to be gentle at first, but you never take the hint. I don't want to, but I have to push you away, over and over. You can't just let things be, can you? You always have to go and ruin everything for us.

Don't you understand that I can't deal with your wet nose and whiskers in my face when I'm trying to use my computer?? There are other places to cuddle me other than by sitting on my chest!


(this one is to my cat)


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