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Apr. 1st, 2009 06:45 am
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Managed to respond to his email. Successfully stayed out of the bitchy 'gee, have you realized that it is possible we're not talking because you never actually talk to me and very rarely allow me to get through to you when I try? Is that possible?' territory. It was terse. I'm sure he'll think it's unfriendly and become even more cemented in his view that I don't want to speak to him, but, so be it. Like I said in the prior message, if he's worked so hard to believe that I might as well let him have it.

As for my sewing... in [ profile] alaskanmermaid's lovely condo, which I'm housesitting right now, there's a sewing room allowing me the space and privacy to have a project strung out start to finish (as opposed to my mother's dining table) so I really feel like I ought to take advantage of that. I have the uncut material and cut pattern for a beautiful long coat there, but Vogue patterns terrify me, and even for a pattern that wasn't rated at any more difficult than 'average' (might have been easy?) it's got a zillion pieces. In terms of 'something sexy', I want a dress with a low back, probably strapless. Fitted bodice and full skirt, maybe knee length or a little bit past, lace-up back with grommets and organza ribbon. I haven't decided on a color yet... I visualize it in black mostly because black is easy but I'm open to other things and haven't looked at material yet.

Trouble is, I trolled through the pattern sites (even Vogue!) and didn't see anything that would exactly suit. I'm not sure how comfortable I am making alterations to a pattern to lower the back, but I think that's what I'm going to have to do. We have a very capable seamstress in our midst, maybe I'll ask her advice.


Mar. 31st, 2009 05:56 pm
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I think I want to sew myself something really sexy.
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So! Said dress is mostly finished after a two hours late-evening sewing bender (that's not a very long sewing bender, for those of you who don't sew). It went together perfectly... I have one little thing to fix at the bottom of the zipper (which looked a little nicer when it was just basted for some reason and not stitched properly but that's a minor woe and might be fixed by a good pressing). But, it fits fabulously for a one-off, cut it out and stitch it right together kind of thing. I'm not lining it; I finished the top with bias tape (which yielded a nice firm feeling to that edge which I think will give me more security that it's not going to ride down which is always, if irrationally so, a fear in a strapless dress). I also bought the material for the bolero jacket last night; it cost more than all the material for the dress itself but it's -gorgeous- and I -love it-. So tonight, I need to go find some nice trim for it, press it, and hem it. I'm very pleased; from my initial try-on yesterday it looks really nice. The project is so I have something nice to wear for [ profile] alaskanmermaid's wedding. I didn't really bring any formalwear back from LA (I need shoes... I think I have shoes. I wore heels at Julie's wedding...) and I'm pleased that this has gone together so nicely because I don't have a lot of time on my hands between now and then.
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Let's see if we can be something like organized about this:

Athlacarta: will be/is a multimedia project that a dear and talented friend may be working on with me.

Persephone: Started today; short fiction based generally on the myth of Persephone and Hades.

The Black Swan: Longer fiction concerning time-travel and ghosts.

Amber Poe: I'm back at this. There's a bunch in the journal of this story but not all of it's tagged; I'll try to do that.

[This isn't it, I'm just very tired and those are most salient on my mind at the moment].


I bought more than 30 yards of assorted material in New York.

Pants designed by a friend; denim, there will be a version for boys and for girls.

Coat for a friend of mine; black with details in something something.

Vogue pants for me in pinstripe material from New York. Pray I can find all of the pattern pieces.

Long gown with contrast/lacing panel like I did on the skirt I finished in black and silver brocade.

'Asian style' tunic in black and white silky. Half finished.


Assorted media for Athlacarta; I have a sketch of Cassie that I may expand on.

Ink painting of the overcast skyline I flew in to on returning to LA earlier. (It screamed distopia!)


Se Florindo E Fedele, out of the 24.

Anyone know where I can find good African sheet music, that they would recommend?


Work. I may be picking up some work with TDMonthly writing/editing. I'm extremely hopeful and am going to do my best to sniff out other opportunities like this.

Publication opportunities for fiction, probably in magazines and the like. Nothing late-model is ready yet for public consumption but I'll be more motivated to edit and refine once I have a tangible target in-hand.

Instruments... this still baffles me. I bought a bowed psaltery a week and a half ago. The collection continues to grow...


Feb. 10th, 2008 05:51 pm
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Epic Fail! I have no paper (that I can find) to mark the darts for the McCalls top I was going to make out of the purple brocade. Were it earlier in the day I would have persevered and gone to get some, but it's getting dark, and Jeremy's car is in the shop, leaving my only mode of transport to be the scoot or the bus which are both kindof negated by darkness unless the travel is really necessary. I'm changing my plan to a shirt with a similar feel (actually, when it's done I might be able to wear it as a short dress! I mean, short for me, which is like, at least to the knees) that's loose (read: no darts), has the mandarin collar and the little side-seam thingy in the front, and ties in the back. I have some black and white silky (mostly black, I made a handkerchief-skirt out of some of it a while back that I enjoy a great deal) that ought to do the trick. It ties in the back. Wish me luck!
crows: (caw) [Top A with shortened sleeves; Purple brocade with large colored butterflies]. I'm cutting out the pattern now, hope to do the bulk of the work tonight and the finishing tomorrow. [Photographed top without black ribbon, black brocade with red details]. Finished! To moderate, if not fabulous, success. I'm pleased; it's wearable and came out pretty well for how much shaping is in it. The shaping was -odd-, and the way the pattern instructs to do the boning is just stupid, so I ended up having to tear it apart and re-build it from near finishing before we got to the final haul. I also did it with a separating zipper... which is not as discreet as an invisible one, but... so so much easier. [Skirt illustrated in black. Matching brocade to above strapless top' left front panel in black satin with lacing detail in black ribbon]. Finished! I'm -very- pleased by how this one came out. The zipper went in a little wonky, but it's a minor sin. The contrast panel and lacing detail came out better than I expected them to as they were an on-the-fly alteration to the design. I'm going to make a gown out of a similar material, with similar details, at some point when I return from...

New York! Which I leave for on Tuesday, midday! I really hope I have time to finish the shirt I'm going to cut tonight!! OMG!!

If/when I have photos of the finished pieces I'll post them, maybe.


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