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Reprising this recipe for chocolate chip cookies tonight. At some point my sister told me to use two eggs instead of one, the result of which is slightly lighter, definitely softer and chewier cookies and since I like chewy cookies I do this now.

No particular occasion. K said he wanted cookies and autumn is a good time for baking. My boss at the store is stressed because we, well, bought a house and now we have to move the store into it, so I'm going to bring some in for us at work tomorrow as well. It's a double batch, though I'm probably not going to bake all the batter up tonight.

And that's all, folks.

Day Three.

Mar. 27th, 2013 09:10 pm
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Worked a short shift. Very busy, cranky at business, but nothing stuck. Lots of nerves and good anticipation of tattoo. Walked in feeling very positive about my lines (, spent maybe an hour and a half on the table? Much less intense in the pain department than I was potentially braced for. Left feeling FLUSHED WITH AMAZING and went to knit nite at the vegetarian cafe I'd never been to in town. Had a great meal with friends that I haven't spent much time with in a while; trend of awesomeness continued.

Today was beautiful, sunny, no wind, mid forties (I walked down to the tattoo place and then knitting was around the corner; Codi drove me home though). So basically, all of the ingredients today were excellent. From an internal standpoint, though, I do feel like I had better access to the excellence than I have in recent months... it's not as if fun things haven't happened, or that I haven't enjoyed them, but my energy has been so low that it hasn't been without a certain sense of strain. I get tired, my mood flags, badly. As of right now, I've had a very full day, and I'm tired... but it's winding-down-toward-bed tired, end of the day tired. Not the kind of existential exhaustion that leaves me wondering if I'm going to have anything to give tomorrow and doubting it, but knowing I have to figure out a way to cough it up anyway. I haven't ended a day like that so far. I really think the vitamins are making a big difference. I've taken a multi before, especially when I was still on oral birth control, and never felt a palpable change of any kind.

Very much looking forward to more productive time off this weekend.

Day Two.

Mar. 26th, 2013 09:54 pm
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Good energy most of the day (afternoon was very long, quite busy, but once I was out of work I was okay). Didn't start the day in pain, didn't end the day in as much pain as I've sometimes been in after a 9.5hr shift. It's only Tuesday, but I'm optimistic. Ate supper at a reasonable hour. Not miserable tonight, despite the fact that TBND just started up. Good. God.

I realize that moving out west is probably just going to trade these for some other noisy fucking neighbors but this band is so bad, and I've been putting up with them for two fucking years I mean honestly.

Tattoo tomorrow (nervous). Taxes Thursday.
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Day one of week. Foot and brain feel fairly okay on returning home from 9.5hrs. Started using the toe things last Thursday, started taking the B vitamins yesterday. The daily granoly bars started on Friday. Also had a big salad today at work (mostly spinach) but still famished because forgot to eat most of yesterday until Delia offered me supper.

Settling in with a big glass of juicefizz and the granoly and the toe things for some quiet time after work.

eta: I didn't hit the frustrated angry exhaustion until a little later (closer to actual sleep time) than usual, which was partially due to putting off eating too long.
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I am so stuffed full of potatoes and ham and cake and applejuice that I am probably going to die.

No, seriously. Finally watched Brick in a sit-down, attentive manner, which that movie requires (thanks to [ profile] jhonen_red for the initial recommendation, long ago). I'd watched parts of it on the DVR back in California and then become distracted, lost the plot, seen a bit of the end and thought I knew how it worked out (accidentally ruining it for myself). Turned out, I had no idea what I was talking about, and was still pleasantly surprised by the wrapup. The film is filmed beautifully. Then, more Black Books. Dylan Moran is slowly working his adorable Irish way onto my extensive marriage queue.

Also, the big collab project... I need to start engineering some of the more delicate of the plot components and I am, as I always am when faced by such things, extremely daunted by the prospect. How to make it devilish, but not contrived? Plausible, but not too easy? How to pace it so that the reader remains engaged, but the characters neither look oblivious or super-human in their powers of deduction? Ideally, I want the readers to be discovering things -along with- the characters, rather than being told everything outright and waiting for the kids to catch up, or only finding out after the characters turn around and explain it via unnecessary dialog. Damnit, I want people to think! That's too much to ask, isn't it?

I should rest. And to that end, I bid you all a fond adieu.


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