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Yesterday's grocery purchase: one package regular maxi, two Cadbury chocolate bars (dairy milk, and roast almond). 

I don't feel any less like curling up in a ball of womanly misery today, either.  And I'm getting sick on top of it... my throat has been worseningly tight and sore for the last three days and I'm starting to cough.

That's it, really.  I'll quit bitching.  But I wanted to tell someone.
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Here's to hoping that I won't keel over and/or have to have my stomach pumped it I take two of these shitacular fakeass Sudafed PE that don't work in the recommended dose of one. And an advil. This congestion is beginning to hurt, a lot. Then, if that works, I'll make myself some coffee and a bowl of cereal and get on with my day like a human being. If not, I'll sloth around for a couple of hours, and then get on with my day like a zombie. Neither of these are particularly bad options, but frankly, I'd prefer the former if possible. It sounds more productive.
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Well, I feel patently awful today. I've had the creeping sensation that I was getting sick for a couple now, and here it is! I thought I was ok, woke up at 7 30, then went back upstairs to lay down and stayed in bed till after 10 with the blanket over my eyes being a huddled pile of miserable. Poor Jeremy. I'm feeling a little better now... I think we're going to try to look for something to sit on in the living room (the devilcouch is leaving! On wednesday! The cushions are already gone, and the body is propped up next to the door.) which will be an interesting process considering that he STILL doesn't have his car.

So, everything has slowed down. I've been wanting to write things for several days but have had my head in such a fog that I just don't feel as though I can make the thoughts congeal. Nobody has written or called about any of the job applications I've sent out in the last week and I still haven't heard from TDMonthly, although they've been very slow in all the communication I've had with them so I'm not going to give up yet. That said, feeing shitacular has the side effect, generally, of putting me in a pretty beastly mood so, right at this very moment, I must admit to being a fair cut below optimistic, on a general basis.

In other news, week after next I'll be going up to Oakland for a few days to visit a friend of mind who's recently engaged and I haven't seen for years. Probably do some other cool hangin' out while I'm out there, as well, so... I'm looking forward to that!

Now, must find some form of gainful employment and soon!


Nov. 30th, 2007 08:17 am
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Overcast and rainy skies, plus a budding cold (spikes of stress, moreso than prolonged anxiety, shatter my immune system), means I get to wear my cabely turtleneck sweater and my long wool coat, even in LA. They're both greeeeen.


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