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Two very good friends from WoW, one who came down to see the Nightwish show with us last year and another, are road-tripping down here. They're leaving today and will be here tomorrow :) Surprise surprise!!
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So today, I was sitting in the family home, talking to my father about this and that and watching television. We got into a discussion about the cats, as we often do. They're an ambient subject of conversation. At any rate, at some point, he stopped and said to me, 'Oh, there's this website I've discovered recently that you absolutely have to know about.'

I said, 'yea, what is it?'

He was in the process of loading it up, and replied: 'It's got kindof a weird name. It's 'I Can Has Cheeseburger dot com'

My dad apparently <3s Lolcats.

Sweet deal!

May. 8th, 2008 07:54 am
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This, I must say, is pretty awesome. I already use this computer (and can I just say, I love it? To death? It's about the best investment I made in anything money-wise last year... this thing totally pwns my face).

Anyway, I'm not looking into this deal, particularly because I already own the computer in question, but shit! If anyone's looking for something tiny, solid, quick, and easy... I suggest checking into the Eee whether or not you're doing so along whatever T-Mobile is selling with it. Yay!
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Halflit is up and general ready for public consumption. I'm so excited about it I can barely contain myself; it's been an immense learning process concerning HTML and CSS and WordPress and all that business and I think it's gone pretty well considering how long it's been since I handled any of that business.

There are a small handful of us at the domain's inauguration, but, obviously, I'm interested in the community growing far beyond what it's at now. There's going to be more on the main site, as well as things going on in the member's-only area. After reading about us, if you find you're interested, by all means let me know.



Feb. 15th, 2008 07:14 pm
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I'm in a better mood now :) Thank you Jeremy and Ian for cheering me up (albeit possibly somewhat inadvertantly, but it's nice to have friends and loved ones!). The Lion King was unbelievably astonishingly incredible. Wow!


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