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A solid day and a half with a short interval of sleep running around the Iowa/Minnesota back-country alongside the companionable wanderlust of [personal profile] auto_destruct. So much ground covered. So many photos. So much mad, wild Weird howling down the empty road on the edge of our tail lights. Holy shit, man.

So that happened. )

Consider this a statement of intent.


Jul. 14th, 2009 05:39 pm
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To a handful of people who have added me recently and I've added back (those I know and those I don't), hello and hello. If we're not acquainted, feel free to leave me a message introducing yourself if you feel :D (for those I am acquainted with, um... you can too if you feel left out!).

Just got back from a very short-notice and not particularly planned two-day foray into Chicago. Delightful time with a few friends including an extremely relaxing evening with tea, talk, and knitting. I need more things like this! The whole crowd of people I've encountered in that city seems very warm. I enjoy that doubly, being away from my own nest of loved ones (you are all so, so missed).

There have been some small hangups getting settled. Nothing of its own merits worth mentioning, just the sort of things you expect. Everything takes a little longer and costs a little more than you expected, no matter how you plan. C'est la... this too shall pass (and it isn't too bad to begin with).

I adopted two kittens from a farm out of town. They are supremely adorable.

I'm stirring up an entire collection of short stories that primarily address events prior to the time that a piece I've worked through four drafts in the last year and a half and intend to submit for publication after a little more work this year (Unbroken Thread). One is complete (draft one) and I have a handful of beginnings and concepts. Secondly, the collection of fables is webbing together into an interesting pantheon that encompasses the unfinished story of Carusa and her daughter, which I've begun but isn't gelling, and The Sea Knife which is complete at draft one from a year-odd ago.

Oh, and there's Chant. All ninety four thousand words of it. Sitting. Staring. o.o If anyone is bored and likes picking through messy draft fiction, I always appreciate anyone willing to have a glance over things I'm working on. So let me know if anything looks remotely interesting.

I think that's about it. I'm exhausted but the rest of me feels extremely awake. Coming fully back into balance with the more metaphysical aspects of my life has been an interesting process; I have impulses to overextend and I think it's contributing to some of the instability I've been feeling.
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Sitting in the Ted Stevens International Airport (we can call it that again! Didn't you hear? Uncle Teddy didn't do anything wrong!) waiting for the direct flight to Chicago, I couldn't help but notice this topic. I don't usually pay them any mind but it merits mention that [ profile] vayleen set up my first LJ for me (not this account, the one I had before it). We were both still in high school.

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I am so stuffed full of potatoes and ham and cake and applejuice that I am probably going to die.

No, seriously. Finally watched Brick in a sit-down, attentive manner, which that movie requires (thanks to [ profile] jhonen_red for the initial recommendation, long ago). I'd watched parts of it on the DVR back in California and then become distracted, lost the plot, seen a bit of the end and thought I knew how it worked out (accidentally ruining it for myself). Turned out, I had no idea what I was talking about, and was still pleasantly surprised by the wrapup. The film is filmed beautifully. Then, more Black Books. Dylan Moran is slowly working his adorable Irish way onto my extensive marriage queue.

Also, the big collab project... I need to start engineering some of the more delicate of the plot components and I am, as I always am when faced by such things, extremely daunted by the prospect. How to make it devilish, but not contrived? Plausible, but not too easy? How to pace it so that the reader remains engaged, but the characters neither look oblivious or super-human in their powers of deduction? Ideally, I want the readers to be discovering things -along with- the characters, rather than being told everything outright and waiting for the kids to catch up, or only finding out after the characters turn around and explain it via unnecessary dialog. Damnit, I want people to think! That's too much to ask, isn't it?

I should rest. And to that end, I bid you all a fond adieu.

Warm rest

Sep. 28th, 2008 11:11 pm
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RE: to just feel close to a guardian angel.

Sometimes, it really is the most innoccuous things that remind us of the fact that the Divine has no blind spots. Some very kind words were said to me tonight (you know who you are - R, thank you. Really.) and for the first time in a long while, I'm crying, but not because something hurts.

I may only have a little light, but it's things like this that remind me to reach out with it anyway, if given the opportunity. Someone might read a map by it one day, and that could be the difference.

Fish Bots

Aug. 8th, 2008 08:08 pm
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For anyone who has had experience with the 'fish' bots with AIM [salmon or trout or whatever]... I totally just met someone awesome on one :)  Yay!  That's all really... but good conversation is always very uplifting.
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So here it is. Yesterday, I spent a bulk of the day hanging out with a gentleman that I met, I believe, on LiveJournal a couple of years ago. This will be the first time we've properly 'met'. We had a grand old time, exchanged some writing, made fun of each other, and perhaps most relevantly, drank a-lot- of coffee. This lasted until about... two oclock in the morning. So overcaffeinated I couldn't even hope to think straight, I was up somewhere in the order of another hour, perhaps 15 minutes or so shy. It is now, approximately, 3 in the morning. I fall into a troubled sleep.

RIDDLE ME THIS! Why, why in god's name, after being up that late, did I awake when the first grey wisps of light climbed through the gap in our curtains? Light will eventually wake me, but usually waits politely until the sun is all the way above the horizon (rather than just threatening it, sorta) and commences to shine directly through the window into my bedroom.

That happens, by the way, that first light, at around 6.

No, I did not fall back to sleep. Not even a little. I have a 10 hour workday today.

I can tell I'm going to have to devour a lot of sanity pills. Over that period of time.

No, I don't know what sanity pills are at the moment.. But mark my words, I'd better find out before 10.


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