Feb. 15th, 2008 07:14 pm
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I'm in a better mood now :) Thank you Jeremy and Ian for cheering me up (albeit possibly somewhat inadvertantly, but it's nice to have friends and loved ones!). The Lion King was unbelievably astonishingly incredible. Wow!
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And now we're in Manhattan. The morning was harried and I didn't sleep well last night... it's been a very low day overall, considering how excited I am about New York in general. I think I had nightmares that I don't remember, and because I cannot just process the events out as 'just dreams' and no hold on reality, some buried part of my subconscious can't tell the difference. As a result, I've emotionally felt - in a totally irrational way - like I've been in a nightmare, all day. But nothing bad is happening. It doesn't make very much sense but I've been unable to shake it.

In other news, got to spend yesterday with Luke which was straight awesome. (Hi Luke!) We went to the Christian Science publication place and looked at their giant glass globe (from inside). Plus assorted other wandering around.

I'm anxious for the show to start.
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I am in Boston, this very moment. The flight(s) in were charming, the most charming part being that it started to snow just before we touched down in the city and they couldn't figure out how to get the two inches of snow off the runway for an extra full hour of flight time. Actually, it wasn't half bad, all in all... I've been on way worse flights.

Boston is gorgeous. It was snowing overnight (barely any is left) and has been raining out of an oppressively low sky all day. Mother and I brought umbrellas and wandered around the splashy streets... breezed into the library for a few minutes just to look, saw the school, hung out with my brother a little. He seems to be becoming a serviceable human being afterall.

I'm ridiculously excited about New York. A: Toy Fair is awesome, if hard work. Additionally, I may have secured myself a job writing for a toy industry online magazine. The lady sent me a trial assignment she wanted to know if I was willing to take on during Toy Fair next week. Like, yes. I have an interview of some kind Sunday evening after the show. I have been clear with them so far that I want to be able to work remotely at least some of the time, so I can travel.

crows: (caw) [Top A with shortened sleeves; Purple brocade with large colored butterflies]. I'm cutting out the pattern now, hope to do the bulk of the work tonight and the finishing tomorrow. [Photographed top without black ribbon, black brocade with red details]. Finished! To moderate, if not fabulous, success. I'm pleased; it's wearable and came out pretty well for how much shaping is in it. The shaping was -odd-, and the way the pattern instructs to do the boning is just stupid, so I ended up having to tear it apart and re-build it from near finishing before we got to the final haul. I also did it with a separating zipper... which is not as discreet as an invisible one, but... so so much easier. [Skirt illustrated in black. Matching brocade to above strapless top' left front panel in black satin with lacing detail in black ribbon]. Finished! I'm -very- pleased by how this one came out. The zipper went in a little wonky, but it's a minor sin. The contrast panel and lacing detail came out better than I expected them to as they were an on-the-fly alteration to the design. I'm going to make a gown out of a similar material, with similar details, at some point when I return from...

New York! Which I leave for on Tuesday, midday! I really hope I have time to finish the shirt I'm going to cut tonight!! OMG!!

If/when I have photos of the finished pieces I'll post them, maybe.


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