Jan. 17th, 2014


Jan. 17th, 2014 09:01 am
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Seems fitting that I should wake up feeling pretty sick only a day after discussing with my coworkers how they might be making pseudoephedrine prescription only to cut down on people cooking meth out of it. I've never cooked meth out of anything in my life, but I do get sick occasionally, and when it hits hard, 'real' Sudafed is a major stepping stone to being able to still do stuff like... go to my job(s). I can't really afford to take time off for being sick most of the time, and the gorgeous thing about that is that I definitely can't afford the office visit to have a prescription for basic, effective cold medicine written for me.

I mean, maybe life under Affordable Care will be different, but I'm not real hopeful. I'm close enough to the poverty line in my state that I'm going to be put on Medicaid, and while I am looking forward to some coverage of my IUD replacement next year (which will be a huge help; the upfront cost of those is pretty steep), I'm not suspecting that I'll have the luxury of being able to go to the clinic when I'm sick or have regular checkups. The safety net of there being something to fall on if something really bad happens (without the deductible being more than half my yearly income, which is the state of the insurance I've 'had' so far) is great, and I think it's a tremendous step toward making this broken-ass health care system work in this country (basically, I'm not bitching about Obamacare, here), but I'm not expecting to just suddenly have the same access to medical oversight that a person who has had decent insurance throughout much of their lives does. And yeah :( this morning is a good reminder of how much I hope they don't make it more difficult for me to keep myself going when the eventual flu hits.

tl;dr whine whine whine I feel shitty


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